The Gift of Sewing

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The gift of Sewing

The Sewing Technology That Fueled Reading Pocket Pillows

My updated sewing journey began in 2012 at the Novi Sewing Expo. I’d been working on a $99 machine and knew it was time to upgrade. After visiting all of the vendors, I decided on a Brother NX 2000.

Three years later in 2015, I landed a Brother 2200 embroidery machine and really started having some fun. Just a year later, I applied and went to my first December craft show where I did very well for a novice. I did a few shows in 2017 and started designing and creating my reading pocket pillows in 2018. By September of that year, I added a Brother ten-needle embroidery machine. Obviously, I love LOVE my Brother machines!

Even though I did buy a Babylock Serger in 2019, Babylock and Brother machines are all built by the same manufacturer and, in my case, are sold by the same dealer.

And because I want to support local business, all of my sewing machines were purchased at my local Brother/Babylock dealer. They’re also amazing about fixing my machines when I get a little too… overzealous