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From Sewing Lessons to Pocket Pillows

It Was the Summer of ‘61...

Growing up, summers could be pretty dull. So one day, my mother sent me to J.C. Penney to pick out a pattern and some terry cloth to make beach “coats.”

When I returned home, she showed me how to lay out the pattern on the fabric and watched as I carefully cut it. Pretty soon, I was happily sewing away. And just a day or two later, I was proudly modeling them at the local park on Lake St. Clair.

After that, I couldn’t wait to take every sewing class offered in junior high and high school. I started making my own clothes. From the occasional shirt, jacket and coat, to dresses for every occasion - school, Easter, Christmas, etc. I was on cloud nine. Then for graduation, I got a Singer Touch and Sew and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. That machine opened up even more opportunities. Soon enough, I was making more clothes, lots of Halloween costumes, and finally, a simple dust ruffle, quilt, and bumper pads for my son’s crib. I started envisioning my life of sewing. But life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball or two. And I just got too busy with my family. So sewing went on the back burner.

Fast forward almost 30 years.

With my husband no longer in the picture and a son who was taller than me, I decided to make a small starter quilt. It was a joy to be back! But one thing was for certain - I needed a new sewing machine. Fortunately, I found a wonderful local sewing shop whom I affectionately blame for starting me down the rabbit hole of embroidery. I started making towels, wall hangings, and some appliqué pillows. And it was at that point that I discovered the reading pocket pillows. What a great concept! So just before I headed to a spring show at Napoleon Middle School in the tiny town of Napoleon, Michigan, I made some. And I sold every last one of them. I KNEW I had something!

Now I make these wonderful pillows as fast as I can, while continuing to add new designs. I’d love to make one especially for you!!